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Phil’s Friends began supporting others through care packages, weekly cards, and prayer because of the support he himself had received. In June of 2009, Phil left teaching to devote his time fully to building the organization. Within a few months the organization moved out of Phil and Carrie’s basement and into the community to establish the Phil’s Friends Hope Center.

Today, Phil’s Friends engages thousands of volunteers, who in turn, enable the organization to support hundreds of thousands of our friends with cancer across the United States through care packages, Cards of Hope, hospital visits, and prayer. Phil and Carrie have devoted their lives to carrying forward the bold vision of supporting those with cancer in homes and hospitals across the world. They reside in the suburbs of Chicago with their sons Graham and Hudson. 

1.8 million Americans will be diagnosed with cancer this year in the United States. Many of these people find themselves in hopeless situations in hospital rooms and homes across the country. Phil’s Friends provides Christ-centered practical, emotional, and spiritual support and hope through the distribution of our hand-assembled care packages to those affected by cancer, and consistent ongoing encouragement through our Cards of Hope program, and prayer.  

Care Packages

When you request a care package for someone you know that has cancer, volunteers in our Hope Centers create and assemble hopeful care packages with comforting items that our friends with cancer need and enjoy. These care packages are then shipped and delivered anonymously in a decorated Phil’s Friends box.

Cards of Hope

After someone has received a care package, they can expect to receive ongoing encouragement through our Cards of Hope program. Those we support will receive hand-colored cards, testimonies, devotional letters, and other creative and positive notes. These encouraging reminders let each person know that they are not alone.

Hope Centers

Each week hundreds of individuals volunteer in our Hope Centers. Together, we assemble care packages, decorate boxes, and color Cards of Hope that will be sent across the country to those affected by cancer.