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Chicago House, like most Americans, recognizes that more needs to be done by our elected leaders to reduce gun violence. Mass shootings in particular have become normalized as many gun rights advocates call for "thoughts and prayers" after every mass shooting. Chicago House is calling for our elected representatives to do more, to support and pass common sense gun legislation.

We are debuting our white away "Stop Gun Violence" jerseys Wednesday, April 26 in our 3rd Round US Open Cup match against the Chicago Fire at Seat Geek Stadium to bring more attention to this issue and help bring an end to the normalization of gun violence. 

Our community partner, New Life Centers, is displayed on the front of our jerseys to celebrate the wonderful work they do collectively for gun violence in the streets of Chicago.  

Chicago House AC will be donating $5 per jersey to New Life Centers.  For more information on New Life Centers, please click on this link: 

Please expect a turn-around time of 4 weeks upon ordering.